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Six Business English adjectives ending in -ed and their prepositions, with practice exercises

Updated: Apr 26

Six Business English adjectives ending in -ed, their prepositions, with practice exercises, Business English, adjectives, Business Communication
Six Business English adjectives ending in -ed and their prepositions, with practice exercises

In this article, we will explore six Business English adjectives ending in -ed (five, actually, plus "grateful", lol) and their prepositions. Understanding how to use these adjectives correctly in sentences will improve your communication skills and make your writing more engaging.

To download the worksheet, please scroll down.

Please follow the instructions below.

Step 1. Select the most common preposition for each expression. Then, match the expression with its definition.

  1. be committed to/ with (becoming a nurse)

A. to be very good at doing something

2. be concerned in/ about (the results)

B. to be worried about something

3. be skilled at/ of (dealing with the press)

C. to be willing to invest your time and energy into something that is important to you

4. be grateful for/ at (the opportunity to be part of this team)

D. to feel happy with something

5. be satisfied with/ over (completing the project)

E. to have what you need to do a task

6. be equipped in/ with (the knowledge)

F. to be thankful for something

Step 2. Complete the gaps in the sentences using the correct adjective and preposition from the box below.

skilled committed grateful equipped concerned

for with about at to

1.We should be _____ ___ the team's hard work on this project. They've invested so much time in it!

2. The company is considering hiring her. She has an excellent education, knows how to run a lab and is _____ ___ extensive experience.

3. I'm _____ ___ his performance. He's not making any progress and lacking motivation.

4. He's started learning English and is reading books on self-development. He's _____ ___ improving his qualifications and getting a better job.

5. Lawyers are _____ ___ asking questions. They know what questions to ask and in what manner to ask them, how to build arguments, and how to advocate for their clients.

Step 3. Write sentences about yourself. Remember to use Gerunds (Ving), nouns, pronouns, or clauses after prepositions.

preposition (in, about, with...) + nouns/ pronouns/Ving/ clauses

I am equipped with the necessary knowledge. ("be equipped with" is commonly followed by a noun or adjective+noun, not Ving)

I am concerned about him.

I am interested in studying medicine.

I am skilled at what I do.

  • I am skilled at...

  • I'm committed to...

  • I'm currently concerned about...

  • I'm very grateful for...

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Step 1.

1C - to

2B - about

3A - at (also skilled in...)

4F - for

5D - with

6E - with

Step 2.

1. grateful for

2. equipped with

3. concerned about

4. committed to

5. skilled at


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