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Practice Using These Must-Know Business English Adjectives: Part 2

Updated: Jun 21

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Practice these must-know Business English adjectives. Part 2.

Follow the steps below. Learn and practice these seven Business English adjectives.

Scroll down to download the worksheet.

Step 1. Match the adjective (white column) with its definition (orange column). Then, find a noun that best collocates with each adjective (grey column).


  1. happening only occasionally

a. resources


2. confident and direct

b. entrepreneur


3. starting to grow or develop

c. payment


4. late, used about something that wasn't paid or done by the expected time

d. attendance


5. producing a lot of works

e. writer


6. unsure, slow, and lacking in confidence

f. leadership


7. very little, not very much

g. response

Step 2. Complete the gaps in the sentences. Use the adjectives in the box.

assertive prolific budding sporadic hesitant scant overdue

  1. The _____ writer published three novels last year.

  2. She showed ______ leadership during the meeting, confidently expressing her ideas.

  3. His _____ attendance at the training sessions made it difficult to keep up with the team.

  4. The _____ entrepreneur launched his first startup at the age of 21.

  5. The company's resources were ______, making it challenging to complete the project on time.

  6. She gave a _____response when asked about her future.

  7. The _____ payment caused the supplier to stop deliveries.

Step 3. Complete the quiz here:

Step 4. Answer one of the following questions, include a few details. Leave your answers in the comments section below.

  1. What are the consequences of overdue tasks in your workplace?

  2. Can you name a prolific author you admire and explain why?

  3. Have you ever been a mentor to a budding entrepreneur?

  4. Can you describe a situation where you needed to be assertive at work?

Download PDF • 139KB

Learn more Business English adjectives here:

Practice These Must-Know Business English Adjectives. Part 1.



Step 1.

  1. assertive 2f

  2. prolific 5e

  3. budding 3b

  4. sporadic 1d

  5. hesitant 6g

  6. scant 7a

  7. overdue 4c

Step 2.

  1. prolific

  2. assertive

  3. sporadic

  4. budding

  5. scant

  6. hesitant

  7. overdue

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