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Embracing Humanity: The Rise of People-Centric Businesses

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The rise of people-centric businesses

Step 1. Before you read the article...

Read the words and expressions below. How many do you know?

  • well-being

  • to be critical to...

  • to be intertwined with...

  • fulfillment

  • acknowledgment

  • to revolve around...

  • to foster

  • paramount

  • to tailor products or services

  • a core principle

Step 2. Match the words and expressions with their definitions.

  1. well-being

A. to be closely connected

2. to be critical to...

B. to customize or to modify something so that it suits specific needs

3. to be intertwined with...

C. to be crucial, very important

4. fulfillment

D. to move around something in a circle. to be closely connected

5. to revolve around...

E. of the greatest importance

6. to foster

F. a fundamental concept or belief

7. paramount

G. a state of overall happiness and health

8. to tailor (products or services)

H. the act of accepting something as true

9. acknowledgement

I. a sense of satisfaction or achievement

10. a core principle

J. to promote

Step 3. Listen to the words and expressions from Step 2.

Step 4. Read the article.

Embracing Humanity: The Rise of People-Centric Businesses

In the ever-evolving business landscape, a paradigm shift is taking place. Today, businesses recognize that success is not solely defined by profit. The well-being of their most valuable asset – their people - is critical to how successful a business gets. Companies prioritizing their employees' development and happiness are called people-centric.

Understanding People-Centric Businesses

At the core of people-centric businesses is a fundamental belief that success is intertwined with the happiness and fulfillment of employees, customers, and communities. It's an acknowledgment that the people are the central part of any organization. From leadership to customer service, every aspect of the business revolves around the human experience.

Employee Well-being

In people-centric businesses, the well-being of employees is a priority. These organizations invest in creating positive work environments, foster a culture of collaboration, and provide opportunities for growth and development. They might also offer flexible work arrangements and mental health support.

Customer Satisfaction

Understanding and meeting customer needs is paramount for companies with a people-centric culture. These companies seek customer feedback, tailor products or services accordingly, and prioritize transparency and ethical business practices. Trust is the currency they value most.

Social Responsibility

People-centric business leaders understand how significant their company's impact might be to the community. For them, social responsibility is a core principle.

People-centric businesses have proven that prioritizing people increases the likelihood of financial success.

Engaged employees contribute passionately.

Satisfied customers become loyal patrons.

Communities benefit from responsible companies.

What about the company you are working for? Is it a people-centric workplace?

Step 4. After you've read the article...

Answer the question at the end of the article. Use the vocabulary from Step 2. Leave your answers in the comments section below; we'll correct your mistakes, if any, and provide valuable feedback.

Thanks for your work.



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