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Ten Phrases to Talk About Your Career Goals

Updated: Mar 25


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10 Phrases to Talk About Your Career Goals

Are you unsure how to talk professionally about your future career? No problem! This article will help you. We'll go through ten easy phrases to talk about your career goals. Whether you're in a job interview, chatting at an event, or just talking with friends, having the right words can really help. So, let's get started!

10 Phrases to Talk about Your Career Goals

1. I aim to + V1

  • I aim to achieve a better work-life balance.

  • He aimed to improve his skills through everyday practice.

  • She has always aimed to be successful in this field.

2. I plan to + V1/ I'm planning to + V1

  • I plan to expand my business.

  • I'm planning to pursue additional certifications.

  • The students are planning to attend career workshops to learn about different jobs.

3. I intend to + V1

  • I intend to do more research to prove that this information is inaccurate.

  • He intended to find a job that he truly enjoyed and one that paid well.

  • They intend to move to New York in search of better career opportunities.

4. I am working toward/ towards + Ving

  • I am working towards completing my studies and getting a degree.

  • They are working towards getting a promotion.

  • She's working toward saving enough money to buy a new car.

5. My goal is to + V1/ One of my goals is to + V1

  • My goal is to become a successful entrepreneur and make a positive impact on my community.

  • My goal is to build strong relationships with my colleagues.

  • One of my goals is to grow professionally in my new job.

6. I see myself + Ving/ I envision myself + Ving

  • I see myself becoming a teacher because I love working with kids.

  • I envision myself traveling the world and experiencing different cultures.

  • I see myself leading a team and making sure everyone feels appreciated.

7. Ving ... is a/ my priority.

  • Improving my communication skills is my priority.

  • Applying these new principles to our everyday work is a priority.

  • Developing leadership skills is my priority.

8. I'm (particularly) interested in + Ving

  • I'm particularly interested in learning about new technologies.

  • He's particularly interested in advancing his career in marketing.

  • They are interested in diversifying their investment portfolio.

9. I'd love to + V1

('d love to = would love to)

  • I'd love to take a gap year and do voluntary work around the world.

  • He'd love to study abroad.

  • She'd love to get a degree in psychology to help people with mental health problems.

10. I am committed to + Ving

  • In my professional life, I am committed to making a positive impact.

  • He's committed to building a career in finance.

  • The students are committed to getting internships in some of the largest companies in the country.

Career Goals Phrase Guide
Download PDF • 67KB

Video exercise

Read the sentences on the screen, complete the gaps, and talk about your goals.

Speaking exercise

Work with a partner. Take turns expressing and discussing your career goals. Use the phrases from above (I aim to/ I intend to, etc.) Ask each other follow-up questions.


A: My goal is to improve my English so that I can confidently communicate with my partners all over the world.

B: Sounds great! Are you planning to enroll in a new language course?

A: Yes. I need to work on my vocabulary because sometimes I struggle to find the right words. So, I'd love to join an English-speaking class.

(the conversation continues)

Tell us about your career goals. Leave us a comment.

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