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EUGENE SERIES Episode 4 and Business English Vocabulary Exercises

Updated: Nov 13

Eugene Series Episodes 1-4 Vocabulary and Business English Vocabulary Exercises

- personnel

- be given a pay raise

- prospects

- attendees

- negotiate

- reach a consensus

- embark on sth

- collaborate

- miss the deadline

- touch base

- trainee

- turnkey homes

- mandatory


Complete the gaps with the correct word from the box below.

collaboration touch base trainee mandatory turnkey negotiate miss

1. Simon, our _____, found himself in a challenging situation when he _____ the deadline for a critical project report. As a diligent and proactive team member, he was eager to make amends. Simon approached his supervisor to _____ an extension and explain the reasons for the delay. This experience allowed Simon to learn important lessons in time management and communication.

2. Effective _____ among personnel is not just encouraged; it's _____ in our workplace. Our company recognizes the power of teamwork. "Collaborate" is not just a word in our vocabulary; it's a daily practice that drives our success. Our personnel understand that working together is key to achieving our goals and maintaining our competitive edge.

3. When considering _____ homes, stay in touch with the real estate agent or developer to ensure a smooth transition. Don't hesitate to _____ regularly to discuss any specific customization options or additional features you may want to include in your new home. This open line of communication can make the process of acquiring your dream home a more satisfying experience.


  1. trainee, missed, negotiate

  2. collaboration, mandatory

  3. turnkey, touch base

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