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EUGENE SERIES Episode 3 and Vocabulary Exercises

Updated: Oct 22

Eugene Series Episodes 1-3 Vocabulary

- personnel

- be given a pay raise

- prospects

- attendees

- negotiate

- reach a consensus

- embark on sth

- collaborate

- miss the deadline

- touch base

Vocabulary Exercises

Ex. 1. Fill in the gaps with the correct word from Episodes 1-3. Change the form of verbs if needed.

1. During the meeting, we need to _______________ with our colleagues to discuss the latest developments.

2. The team worked diligently to complete the project on time, but due to unexpected complications, they _____________.

3. Our company is looking for opportunities to ______________ with other industry leaders to drive innovation and create new solutions.

4. The _______________ at the conference were impressed by the quality of the presentations.

5. Our company's dedicated _______________ plays a crucial role in our daily operations.

Ex. 2. QUIZ

Answer the questions.

1. Who are the individuals a business employs that collectively contribute to its operations and success?

2. What term describes individuals who participate in or are present at an event, meeting, conference, or gathering, often with a specific purpose or role?

3. What is the action of working together with others, typically on a shared project or task, to achieve a common goal or objective?

4. What is the expression that means to make contact or have a brief communication with someone, often to discuss progress, updates, or plans?

5. What is the phrasal verb that means to begin or start a new project or a journey, often with a sense of determination or excitement?



1. touch base

2. missed the deadline

3. collaborate

4. attendees

5. personnel

Ex. 2. Quiz:

1. Personnel

2. Attendees

3. Collaborate

4. Touch base

5. Embark on

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