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EUGENE SERIES Episode 1 and Business English Vocabulary Exercises

Updated: Oct 25

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Eugene Series Episode 1 vocabulary and Business English Vocabulary Exercises

personnel be given a pay raise prospects

Exercise 1.

Complete the gaps with the following words and expressions: personnel, be given a pay raise, prospects x2, turn into, work for. Use the verbs in their correct form.

1. In the field of online retail, businesses that prioritize user experience, provide transparent and secure payment options, and constantly deliver high-quality products and services are more likely to turn website visitors into _____.

2. Young professionals today would like to _____ a company whose ideals align with their values and aspirations.

3. To attract new _____ and retain existing customers, businesses employ various marketing strategies and customer relationship management techniques.

4. The CEO held a meeting with the company’s _____ to discuss the upcoming changes in the organizational structure.

5. The startup’s innovative idea has the potential to _____ a real force inside the industry, challenging established competitors.

6. After their exceptional performance, several employees _____ (Present perfect passive) as a token of appreciation.

Exercise 2.

Answer the following questions. Please drop your answers in the comments sections if you feel like it. Thanks.

1. When considering your future employment, how important are the company’s values to you?

2. What are some key factors an employee should consider when requesting a pay raise?

3. What is the key factor that helps turn customers into prospects?


Ex. 1.

1. prospects

2. work for

3. prospects

4. personnel

5. turn into

6. have been given a pay raise

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