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Business English vocabulary test with the verb TAKE

Updated: Jan 2


TAKE collocations - Business English

Business English vocabulary test with the verb "take"

Choose the correct option.

1. Sarah decided to take _____ of the meeting, ensuring that discussions stayed on track and objectives were met.

A. a break

B. charge

C. a risk

D. action

2. John impressed his colleagues by always being the first to take _____ and propose innovative solutions.

A. a break

B. charges

C. a shot

D. initiative

3. His innovative approach to project management allowed him to take the _____ and guide the team toward a successful outcome.

A. commitment

B. lead

C. decision

D. action

4. During the conference, I made sure to take _____ to capture all the valuable insights for our team.

A. notes

B. charge

C. information

D. data

5. After identifying the issues in our production process, it was time to take _____ and implement necessary improvements.

A. a break

B. commitment

C. a shot

D. action

6. After hours of intense work and non-stop meetings, Paul decided to take _____ to recharge his energy.

A. the lead

B. a risk

C. a break

D. a look

7. Jane was willing to take _____ for her part in the project’s delay and offered solutions to get it back on track.

A. the lead

B. responsibility

C. charge

D. the opportunity

8. When the company offered her a chance to lead a new project, she didn’t hesitate to take the _____ to demonstrate her skills and advance her career.

A. opportunity

B. chances

C. lead

D. shot

9. Instead of getting defensive, Tom chose to take _____ as an opportunity to learn and improve his performance.

A. blame

B. criticism

C. action

D. commitment

10. John took _____ in his colleague’s work, offering support and his expertise to help it succeed.

A. initiative

B. notes

C. an interest

D. a shot














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