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7 Essential Phrasal Verbs: Business English Vocabulary Test

Updated: Jan 2

Test your Business English! Take this quick "7 Essential Phrasal Verbs" test, and check your answers below.

Seven essential phrasal verbs; see answers below

1. Mary always __________ her assignments on time.

a) hands in

b) works her way up

c) brings on board

d) puts through

2. The CEO decided to __________ the new marketing director__________.

a) keep .... on the loop

b) let .... gone

c) work ... way up

d) bring ... on board

3. Miguel was consistently punctual and very hardworking, but he never got __________.

a) handed in

b) let gone

c) put through to the manager

d) promoted

4. We're monitoring the situation. I'll __________ you ____________.

a) bring ... in board

b) hand ... in

c) keep ... in the loop

d) work .... way up

5. I simply must __________ John _________; he's the expert on this topic.

a) let ... go

b) hand in

c) bring ... on board

d) put ...through

6. Sara started as an intern, and over the years, she's __________ to a leadership position.

a) handed in

b) been brought on board

c) worked her way up

d) been kept in the loop

7. After the restructuring, the company decided to __________ several employees___________.

a) brought ... on board

b) let ... go

c) worked .... way up

d) hand ... in

8. The receptionist will __________ the call ___________ to the manager in a moment.

a) keep ... in the loop

b) let ... go

c) put ... through

d) bring ... on board

9. Tom was highly motivated and dedicated, which helped him to __________ his __________ within the company.

a) bring ... on board

b) work ... way up

c) hand ... in

d) keep ... in the loop

10. Please __________ your weekly reports by Friday.

a) let go

b) put through

c) hand in

d) bring on board



hand in = to submit a report

bring on board = to hire or recruit smb

pass over = to not promote

keep in the loop = to keep smb updated

let smb go = to terminate employment

put smb through = to connect smb

work one's way up = to advance in one's career


1. a) hands in

2. d) bring ... on board

3. d) promoted

4. c) keep ... in the loop

5. c) bring ... on board

6. c) worked her way up

7. b) let ... go

8. c) put ... through

9. b) work ... way up

10. c) hand in


評等為 0(最高為 5 顆星)。

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